Trading Bitcoin For DASH

Trade your current Crypto for Dash (Poloniex)
Poloniex is a multi crypto currency exchange, where you can trade any crypto currency you currently have for DASH. Today I am showing you how I am using about $25 worth of Bitcoin into DASH. This tutorial is ideal for users that already have some for of cryptocurrency. If you are looking to get DASH Directly for your fiat (paper money) then is the ideal choice for you!

Okay, now back to the topic at hand, how do i get DASH with my other CryptoCurrencies? First you need to make a Poloniex account, I already have one so I am just going to log in. Next what you need to do is go to the tab that says “Balances” then Click “Deposits and Withdrawals”. You will be brought to a new page, click on “Deposit” in the BTC row. Now either use the QR Code and scan to send Bitcoin or copy the Bitcoin address to the Clickboard. Send the amount of Bitcoin that you are looking to exchange for DASH. Keep in mind you don’t need to use Bitcoin. If you have any other Cryptocurrency that is completely fine! Now the hard part, wait for your funds to get to your Poloniex account.

Once you have the funds in your poloniex account, click exchange, this is the main landing page to do all trading. Make sure that you are under the correct market. For me I will be under the BTC market and the coin I am exchanging for is DASH. Go over to Buy DASH box, it says i have 0.022 BTC. For this purpose I am going to buy DASH at whatever the current market is, so I can click on the “You have:” value and it will auto fill. Lastly Click Buy and you are done! You now have DASH!