How to Buy DASH with CASH is a Peer-2-Peer Marketplace that uses your location to best match you with the BEST deal to buy Dash! All you need to do is make a cash deposit in the sellers payment account! It is very easy and Safe! You never need to meet the seller and WallofCoins helps the Buyers and Sellers from getting Scammed 🙂

Wall of Coins is the first Peer-to-Peer marketplace to accept Dash for Cash or vice versa! Wall of coins is extremely easy to use, especially for new Customers! I this lecture I will be showing you the ENTIRE Process of using this service! I mean the ENTIRE PROCESSES! Even when I go to the bank! When you go to you are able to select what coin that you are looking to buy DASH or Bitcoin. Today I am buying some DASH and I am going to select DASH from the Coin menu. Now simply click buy, I am going to use Find My Location in order to find the most convenient location for me to make my cash deposit. Now supply your DASH address in order to get your DASH even quicker! Today I am going to buy $200 worth of DASH. Now I pick the order that is most attractive to me. Im going with Bank of America, Click order. Now I see the information from the seller an I need to deposit the $200 cash into their account with 2 hours. Time to get in the car and go to the bank! Here is my DASH-qt Wallet with my transaction that I used to buy DASH with! In the next lecture I am going to show you how to trade other cryptocurrencies to trade for DASH!