Kraken Joins DASH

For those who might not know, on Wednesday (April 12) a MAJOR Cryptocurrency exchange based in the US announced DASH trading! Not just having the trading pair DASH/Bitcoin, Kraken had to take action and stay ahead of their competitors. By incorporating DASH/USD and DASH/EUR! Kraken offered excellent news to long term DASH users that they will have the instant send feature enabled, to provide the greatest user experience possible! (What is Instant Send?)

Where is DASH going?

As time keeps pressing forward for 2017 more and more Exchanges and Marketplaces are integrating DASH! There are currently only FOUR exchanges to get Fiat for DASH, DASHOUS (local Meetups), WallofCoins (p2p CASH to DASH), Bitfinex and Kraken (Fiat to DASH exchanges). Who will be joining the future of money pressing forward?

Visti Today!

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