Kraken Joins DASH

For those who might not know, on Wednesday (April 12) a MAJOR Cryptocurrency exchange based in the US announced DASH trading! Not just having the trading pair DASH/Bitcoin, Kraken had to take action and stay ahead of their competitors. By incorporating DASH/USD and DASH/EUR! Kraken offered excellent news to long term DASH users that they will have the instant send feature enabled, to provide the greatest user experience possible! (What is Instant Send?)

Where is DASH going?

As time keeps pressing forward for 2017 more and more Exchanges and Marketplaces are integrating DASH! There are currently only FOUR exchanges to get Fiat for DASH, DASHOUS (local Meetups), WallofCoins (p2p CASH to DASH), Bitfinex and Kraken (Fiat to DASH exchanges). Who will be joining the future of money pressing forward?

Visti Today!

Trading Bitcoin For DASH

Trade your current Crypto for Dash (Poloniex)
Poloniex is a multi crypto currency exchange, where you can trade any crypto currency you currently have for DASH. Today I am showing you how I am using about $25 worth of Bitcoin into DASH. This tutorial is ideal for users that already have some for of cryptocurrency. If you are looking to get DASH Directly for your fiat (paper money) then is the ideal choice for you!

Okay, now back to the topic at hand, how do i get DASH with my other CryptoCurrencies? First you need to make a Poloniex account, I already have one so I am just going to log in. Next what you need to do is go to the tab that says “Balances” then Click “Deposits and Withdrawals”. You will be brought to a new page, click on “Deposit” in the BTC row. Now either use the QR Code and scan to send Bitcoin or copy the Bitcoin address to the Clickboard. Send the amount of Bitcoin that you are looking to exchange for DASH. Keep in mind you don’t need to use Bitcoin. If you have any other Cryptocurrency that is completely fine! Now the hard part, wait for your funds to get to your Poloniex account.

Once you have the funds in your poloniex account, click exchange, this is the main landing page to do all trading. Make sure that you are under the correct market. For me I will be under the BTC market and the coin I am exchanging for is DASH. Go over to Buy DASH box, it says i have 0.022 BTC. For this purpose I am going to buy DASH at whatever the current market is, so I can click on the “You have:” value and it will auto fill. Lastly Click Buy and you are done! You now have DASH!

How to Buy DASH with CASH is a Peer-2-Peer Marketplace that uses your location to best match you with the BEST deal to buy Dash! All you need to do is make a cash deposit in the sellers payment account! It is very easy and Safe! You never need to meet the seller and WallofCoins helps the Buyers and Sellers from getting Scammed 🙂

Wall of Coins is the first Peer-to-Peer marketplace to accept Dash for Cash or vice versa! Wall of coins is extremely easy to use, especially for new Customers! I this lecture I will be showing you the ENTIRE Process of using this service! I mean the ENTIRE PROCESSES! Even when I go to the bank! When you go to you are able to select what coin that you are looking to buy DASH or Bitcoin. Today I am buying some DASH and I am going to select DASH from the Coin menu. Now simply click buy, I am going to use Find My Location in order to find the most convenient location for me to make my cash deposit. Now supply your DASH address in order to get your DASH even quicker! Today I am going to buy $200 worth of DASH. Now I pick the order that is most attractive to me. Im going with Bank of America, Click order. Now I see the information from the seller an I need to deposit the $200 cash into their account with 2 hours. Time to get in the car and go to the bank! Here is my DASH-qt Wallet with my transaction that I used to buy DASH with! In the next lecture I am going to show you how to trade other cryptocurrencies to trade for DASH!

DASH Hardware Wallet

What is a Hardware Wallet? A hardware wallet is a little device that is essentially a more advanced version of a paper wallet! I am using a Ledger Nano S to store my Bitcoin and Some of my Dash right now. The way the hardware wallet works is that it only gets its power when you connect it to the computer. I will show you everything that came with my ledger wallet.

The wallet
A lanyard
Piece of paper on how to set up a ledger wallet
Lastly a piece of paper to write down your 24-word recovery password!

Mobile Dash Wallets

In this lecture you will learn about what available Mobile Dash Wallets are out there!

DASH Mobile Wallet For Android:

A Dash Android Wallet, which can be downloaded in the description. Jaxx Wallet Android Link

DASH Mobile Wallet For iOS:
Lastly, there is an iOS Dash Mobile Wallet, however, it is waiting for approval from Apple to be on the App Marketplace! Now that DASH is becoming more and more popular day by day we hope to see a Dash wallet available for all users soon! If you have a developer account you can add the iOS Wallet from GitHub to your phone. Here is the Github URL.

Dash Paper Wallets

Yes this lecture is called Paper Wallet and your wallet is a piece of paper! No joke! Paper wallet is a reference to the first COLD STORAGE. Cold Storage is a way to hold your crypto currency not on a live network; this helps reduce the ability to getting hacked and your coins stolen! With a paper wallet go to this is where you will create your paper wallet. If you are looking to get some more reading on what a paper wallet is and cold storage check out this link

Creating a paper wallet is very simple. When you go to the site, just move your mouse all over the place this tells the application that you are creating randomness. It will then generate a completely RANDOM Public key and Private key. When creating a Paper wallet it is BEST practice to create it with a computer that has NEVER had access to a live network before!

This is an example of a Dash Paper wallet!


What is Dash?

Dash Is Digital Cash. Dash is similar to its counterpart, Bitcoin. Although Bitcoin was the first crypto currancy, Dash has MUCH greater benefits that I will go over in later lectures! Dash has been soaring quickly among all the Crypto Currencies! At the Current Marketcap Dash is holding the 4 place with over 195 million USD! Dash follows the same path as Bitcoin Software, but it is a two-tier network that makes it far greater than bitcoin! This tier system allows dash to be more anonymous and present itself more like cash!

Lets get back to the topic at hand! What is Dash? Dash is a form of Digital Cash that is based on a Peer-to-peer network following the same path as Bitcoin Software, but it is a two-tier network that makes it far greater than bitcoin! This tier system allows dash to be more anonymous and present itself more like cash! With that said, you can choose whether or not you want to be anonymous. You can see what Dash Address sent coins to what address on the blockchain like bitcoin. When you have a collection of coins you can add them into a mixing pool which you trade your Dash with others in the community. Lastly, Dash transactions happen almost instantly this is done becuase of the Masternode network, which I will go over more in the masternode section! Learn more at